Farewell Dear Mosier

10 01 2013

Slow season difficulties and recent tumultuous changes have left 10-Speed East in financial circumstances that do not allow us, with any good sense, to remain open. Break-ups are never easy and we apologize if this is catching anyone off guard. Maybe you’ve been out of town for a while.

Being graced as Mosier’s living room for almost five years has been a treat in countless ways. This is truly a blessed place and though small in number the community is abundant in character. And heart. Grateful thanks to all who warmed our seats through the seasons.

If you have a house account with us and you’re not sure that we have your phone number please call the shop phone and leave a message so we can make arrangements to square up. Parties interested in purchasing a small coffee shop business in a really great little town can also be directed to the shop phone: 541-478-2104.


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